Mysteries of the Past: Shadow of the Wendigo

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Our game is nearly finished! After months of hard work we're heading to release.

It is a detective story with surprising twist. You're the only person able to clarify the circumstances of the case. Some time ago, a young family with two children put up in a mountain cottage called Big Pine Lodge and they wanted to spend the holidays and celebrate the New Year there. The whole family has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The police searched the surroundings, but didn't found any trace. Find missing family before trail went cold. Try to finish the journey and solve the mystery of the forgotten ancient rituals in the exciting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure Game!

Posted by 3K Studio on February 2014

New game in development

We have just started developing a new casual game (HOPA core mechanics). It offers lots of mystery and adventure. It will be a great game with plenty of items to find and minigames to play. It should be available for PC, Mac and iPad. The research on the era and the graphics, as always, will be nicely and precisely done, so you have really something to look forward to. Here’s a little sneak peak, enjoy!

Posted by 3K Studio on January 2013